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Final cover !

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The cover of my new book is now ready :

cover 1 et 4(1)

What? You don’t like it?
It’s in french… I know… Well, find a dictionary because right now I’m way too lazy to translate!

What’s wrong again? You wanted some news from Wormy?
Well, you’ll have to wait for the next post!

And no I’m not in a bad mood !

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Day 21

Hello ,

Today’s my birthday 🙂 .


 Isn’t my cake nice ?  I KNOW I’m not one year old ! You can be so cruel sometimes Little Girl.

Nevermind, it’s my birthday! Go on, blow the candle out Little Girl!


Hey, you, the… pet! Don’t touch my present. It won’t suit you anyway.

Potato monster, I saw you too! Let my birthday cake alone!

Ok, ok, let’s share everything :-).


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DAY 20

Hey, that’s interesting, our little boy can handle a sword !


That could be useful down here don’t you think Little Girl ?

Don’t look at me like that Little Girl, I was thinking of monsters we haven’t met yet!

And no I don’t want to kill your potato-like-pop corn eater and your… pet… well not anymore… not right now ( but why not later ).

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Day 19

Oh look Little Girl ! The little boy has a pet… a normal one…


… I mean… sorry!

Come on, don’t sulk!

Hey, maybe he’s got the map of this blog down here. That would be great ! We could get out of this level more quickly !

What? You want to stay here?

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DAY 18

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while… So  what’s up little girl? Still playing video games with your new friends?

Hum… I see…

Well… while you were brainwashing your brain I went back to the first level ( I needed somme fresh air… far far away from all the things crawling around here) and look what I’ve found :


Isn’t he cute?

Oh, look, he brought you a flower. Oh that’s adorable !

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Day 17

Hi everyone,

Sorry I’m late for day 17 but… hum… I decided to play video games with the little girl and I lost track of time.I know, Iknow, I was weak… sorry.

About day 16, have you noticed there was something hiding under the sofa? Well, it was the subject of a disagreement here at home.

I think it’s a kind of shadowy monster like this one:


I know this species is completely armless and it was hidding because it was scared of the noise rather than trying to be scary. But my daughter (no, not the teenager, the other one… let’s call her …n°2…). So n°2 thinks that the thing hidding is a caton like this one :


As you can see It’s a half cat half dragon creature.

Well, it doesn’t look more dangerous than mine but is way more cute don’t you think?

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Day 16

Wake up little girl! Wake up! There is a giant potato just behind me, on the day 15 corner. Quick! We have to get out of here!



Are you playing video games?

Euh…your … pet is wearing a hair ribbon. Is it a girl? Wouah…

Hey I know that potato! Don’t laugh you out there (don’t forget bloggers, I have superpowers, I can hear you !). Well… il looked really bigger in the dark.

Oh! Potato, Potato, there’s… something trying to steal your popcorn!

But what am I saying? What’s wrong with me?

I’m cursed!

No, no, that’s impossible! I have my amulet against witchcraft just here and I drank two glasses of my special anti-evil potion this morning… I’m ok… I’m safe.

I know! It’s YOU little girl! You’re a magnet monster!

I’m doomed !


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Day 15

Well well… It’s just me then…

Maybe I could explore a bit this level while the little girl and the… you know… the… thing… are having a nap. What do you think? I could draw something completely random like… a cute mice (I love drawing mice :-)) or a kitten!

Let’s do that then 🙂 .



Oh my god! WHAT IS THAT?

Is that a giant potato… with hair… and a ridiculous hat… and 6 legs ?

What did I just say? 6 LEGS?