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The table!


Sorry Wormy…

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Obviously not a table !

Hey Wormy, I think I have an idea for our table’s project…

Wormy? What are you doing up there? Oh my gosh ! Put him down! NOW!


It’s your teddy bear? No way !

I have to say, I’m impressed… I mean it’s size is kind of out of the ordinary¬† for a teddy… Not does that matter, though… I’m sure it’s fine… Is it?

I’m sorry, I’m just a little concerned about the significant damage it could cause to the blog… Do you see what I mean? No? …

All right, just forget about it…

May I ask you something Wormy? What is it with all the bubbles around your teddy? Is it me or do they just go up? I hope it’s not a monster … I didn’t write it… no… a teddy desease…

You’re busy, you’ll explain later! …

Ok… I’m gonna go then… you know, working on OUR project… ALONE…


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Just finished my drawing :-).


See, the little boy has a face now :-).

What’s wrong Wormy? The boy has no mouth… Yes, I know, I was the one not drawing it.

Oh, you know Wormy, you can be really picky sometimes!

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Wild chair



Nice job Wormy! The chair looks great… Though no one can sit on it anymore…

But hey, who cares ! Who decides what a chair is for anyway ! Ours is a piece of art ! Yeah! High five Wormy!

You know I think we’re a good team, we could do great things together.

What did you say? A table? Oh!

Ok, why not… A chair, a table… It makes sense ūüôā

Let’s do it!

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Obviously not a chair !

Hi Wormy! Can I call you Wormy ?…

What’s wrong? You look worried.You don’t like your new name? Oh! You haven’t finished my chair! That’s ok… I was busy today too…¬† Do you want to see what I was working on today? It’s not finished, but…


I know, the boy has no face yet… But, hey, that way he can’t complain about the painting ;-)… I’m so mean!

All right, Wormy, stop making me feel guilty… The boy will have a face tomorrow. Happy now?

By the way… I’m sorry for yesterday… It’s because of all the monsters the little girl brought in this blog last year… I have this thing with¬† bugs, creepy crawlies and pests of all sorts…¬†you know what I mean, right (no, of course you don’t)… Anyway… Your hat is nice, really… Your mum did it! Lucky you!

Ok, see you tomorrow then ?

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This is so wrong


You’re kidding right ! You call that healing? You’ve just created a new species of monster!

(now that I think about it, I could’nt expect something else from this blog anyway…)

All right, you want to play… let’s play : Heal my chair from its worthlessness and I’ll consider allowing¬† you to stay on my web.





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So, the chair… Tadaa !


Ok… Boooooooring !

All right, let’s do it again. No, wait! There is something on the chair. Look!¬† Are you blind or what ? Just there!

Let’s have a closer look.


Is that a worm? With a hat?

Hey you, what are you doing on my boring chair? Haven’t you read my previous posts ? Well, you should have. Then you’d know that I HATE monsters. Especially the ones with hats !

Shoo! Go away!

What do you mean you’re here to help? You’re a plant healer? And? Why should I bother? Do I look like a sick plant to you?

Go hide somewhere in the ground and stop looking at me with your tricky smile.

What did you just say? You want the sad girl from yesterday to be happy again? Euh… you have noticed that her flower has no root, right? So… You want me to come back tomorrow and I see by myself?

Ok… Let’s say I’m in a good mood… I give you 24 hours!