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Teddy’s back !

Well, if you has visited my website you know that I like butterflies, so I followed them :-).

And look what we found !



Yeeeeeeeeeeah !

Hey, you look great Teddy… and quite big. I see that you have your bubbles back! Is that why you dissapeared, to get your bubbles back?


I see… Is Wormy with you?


Home… One of the houses I draw the other day?


Hum… May I ask which one?


Could you elaborate… Please?


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Book cover !

Hello everyone,

Have you seen Wormy and his teddy? No? I have been looking everywhere for them… I wanted to show them something… Well I guess you’ll be the first to see the cover for my new book then !



I know there is no title yet! Ohhhhhhhhhh, you can be really  impatient sometimes!

You’ll have to wait, I ‘ve got more urgent matter to deal with right know you know ! I’m really worried about Wormy… hum… Maybe¬† he didn’t find any house to suit his need… Or his teddy made a tantrum (you never know with such big teddies… they can’t be trusted)… I’m gonna check the other levels of the blog… Whish me good luck !