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Hey Wormy,

So, ready to move in your new headquaters? Which house do you prefer?

None! May I ask you why?

Oh, right! Your teddy is too big to get in!

Now that you mention the subject, I had an interesting conversation the other day with my daughter about your teddy (no, not the teenager, the other one… number 2. Remember now?) .

Don’t worry, she’s a huge fan of your teddy, but… ahem… she does agree with me on one point : it’s way too BIG!

Listen to me, calm down… She’s got a point : she said that if your teddy was smaller, you could cuddle it more easily and you could take it in your bed.

Think about it just for a sec! Imagine you decide to travel the world, I mean the web, other blogs,  your teddy will fit in your suitcase perfectly! Do you know how annoying they are nowadays at the airports? Of course you don’t! Well, listen to my daughter and you’ll never figure it out.

Here is the thing… she’s the only reader of this blog (so far 🙂 ), so I’m taking her advice quite seriously… and you should too!

So, what do you think? I know a good illustrator who could take care of the transformation in a sec…

By the way, it’s me :-).

… You could at least try to hide  the disappointed look on your face Wormy… it’s kind of embarrassing.




See, that wasn’t that difficult after all!

Your teddy has no bubbles floating around him anymore… Yes, I know.

Is that a problem?

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