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Obviously not a chair !

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Hi Wormy! Can I call you Wormy ?…

What’s wrong? You look worried.You don’t like your new name? Oh! You haven’t finished my chair! That’s ok… I was busy today too…  Do you want to see what I was working on today? It’s not finished, but…


I know, the boy has no face yet… But, hey, that way he can’t complain about the painting ;-)… I’m so mean!

All right, Wormy, stop making me feel guilty… The boy will have a face tomorrow. Happy now?

By the way… I’m sorry for yesterday… It’s because of all the monsters the little girl brought in this blog last year… I have this thing with  bugs, creepy crawlies and pests of all sorts… you know what I mean, right (no, of course you don’t)… Anyway… Your hat is nice, really… Your mum did it! Lucky you!

Ok, see you tomorrow then ?


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