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So, the chair… Tadaa !


Ok… Boooooooring !

All right, let’s do it again. No, wait! There is something on the chair. Look!  Are you blind or what ? Just there!

Let’s have a closer look.


Is that a worm? With a hat?

Hey you, what are you doing on my boring chair? Haven’t you read my previous posts ? Well, you should have. Then you’d know that I HATE monsters. Especially the ones with hats !

Shoo! Go away!

What do you mean you’re here to help? You’re a plant healer? And? Why should I bother? Do I look like a sick plant to you?

Go hide somewhere in the ground and stop looking at me with your tricky smile.

What did you just say? You want the sad girl from yesterday to be happy again? Euh… you have noticed that her flower has no root, right? So… You want me to come back tomorrow and I see by myself?

Ok… Let’s say I’m in a good mood… I give you 24 hours!




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