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DAY 20

Hey, that’s interesting, our little boy can handle a sword !


That could be useful down here don’t you think Little Girl ?

Don’t look at me like that Little Girl, I was thinking of monsters we haven’t met yet!

And no I don’t want to kill your potato-like-pop corn eater and your… pet… well not anymore… not right now ( but why not later ).

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Day 19

Oh look Little Girl ! The little boy has a pet… a normal one…


… I mean… sorry!

Come on, don’t sulk!

Hey, maybe he’s got the map of this blog down here. That would be great ! We could get out of this level more quickly !

What? You want to stay here?

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DAY 18

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while… So¬† what’s up little girl? Still playing video games with your new friends?

Hum… I see…

Well… while you were brainwashing your brain I went back to the first level ( I needed somme fresh air… far far away from all the things crawling around here) and look what I’ve found :


Isn’t he cute?

Oh, look, he brought you a flower. Oh that’s adorable !