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Day 17

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Hi everyone,

Sorry I’m late for day 17 but… hum… I decided to play video games with the little girl and I lost track of time.I know, Iknow, I was weak… sorry.

About day 16, have you noticed there was something hiding under the sofa? Well, it was the subject of a disagreement here at home.

I think it’s a kind of shadowy monster like this one:


I know this species is completely armless and it was hidding because it was scared of the noise rather than trying to be scary. But my daughter (no, not the teenager, the other one… let’s call her …n°2…). So n°2 thinks that the thing hidding is a caton like this one :


As you can see It’s a half cat half dragon creature.

Well, it doesn’t look more dangerous than mine but is way more cute don’t you think?

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