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Day 16

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Wake up little girl! Wake up! There is a giant potato just behind me, on the day 15 corner. Quick! We have to get out of here!



Are you playing video games?

Euh…your … pet is wearing a hair ribbon. Is it a girl? Wouah…

Hey I know that potato! Don’t laugh you out there (don’t forget bloggers, I have superpowers, I can hear you !). Well… il looked really bigger in the dark.

Oh! Potato, Potato, there’s… something trying to steal your popcorn!

But what am I saying? What’s wrong with me?

I’m cursed!

No, no, that’s impossible! I have my amulet against witchcraft just here and I drank two glasses of my special anti-evil potion this morning… I’m ok… I’m safe.

I know! It’s YOU little girl! You’re a magnet monster!

I’m doomed !



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