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Day 13

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Here you are! Look like you could use a hairbrush down there…


What? You want me to get down? Have you suddenly loose the ability to use your brain little girl?

It’s all dark there and I’m pretty sure the place is crawling with vicious creatures with lots of tiny legs and plenty of nasty-little-red eyes! NO WAY I’M COMING DOWN! I HATE EVERYTHING WITH MORE THAN 4 LEGS AND 2 EYES! I HATE THEM AS MUCH AS RABBITS AND NO I’M NOT ASHAMED!

I know, Iknow it’s not good for me to keep so much hatred in me… but you know, I’m working on it… it’s a slow process…

Ok, deep breath… again… and again… I feel better now :-).

So, what if I send you a torch? You could have a good look around and tell me if the place is safe. Isn’t that a good idea? I know, I ‘m a genius…

What do you mean little girl “I’m the adult one, I’m the one supposed to protect you”?

You’re kidding right?

Look at me ! Do I look like the hero type guy?

NO! Good answer.

Why don’t you ask your killer friend to help you? By the way, where is it hidding? Lurking somewhere in the shadows, probably  waiting for the right moment to jump on you and eat you alive! Well I’m sure it feels right at home down there with its fellow monsters…

Ok, ok, I’m coming…


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