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Drawing… Painting… And maybe a bit more

Day 9

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What is that ? Oh my god, what have I done!


This is NOT a baby dinosaur… definitely not! It looks like a… furry bubble gum ? And why is it shaking?

I’m sure it’s because it’s sick… it gonna throw up everywhere on the page!  STEP BACK little girl, STEP BACK !!!!

But what are you doing? Are you crazy? It’s probably a serial-eater!

What do you think happened to the cute dinosaur who was inside the egg? IT ATE IT! IT’S A MONSTER ! Look at its eyes… it’s pure evil,  I can feel it from the other side of the screen.


Oh… I’d rather not look at it… yuk… they’re hugging now.


There is something wrong with this blog… I’m so disappointed… it was going so well…


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