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Day 10

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Hey little girl,

I got a bit carried away the other day and I’m really sorry about that. But I calmed down and I thought it through… So here’s my decision : YOU CAN’T KEEP IT !

And by “it”, I mean the fluffy- furry-sick-killer pet I got you (just to be clear…). It’s too dangerous and we don’t even know what species it belongs to.

Don’t look at me with those sad puppy eyes … I said NO.

What did you just say? You don’t care?

Hey, you’re 10 days old! You’re not supposed to act like a teenager before… before… NEVER!


Ok, ok… No need to get violent…

Ahem…Could I do some modifications at least? Little ones, you know… so your monster abomination, serial-killer… I mean your … pet… could look better ?


Please, please?

Still no?


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