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Day 2

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So, day 2… I did 2 drawings (I know, one less than the other day… no comment).

On the first one the little girl seems a bit older. Well, I suppose she needed longer legs to escape what is obviously frightening her. Or maybe she didn’t want to clean up her room and was running away from her mum (I’m sure her room was a mess anyway… mums are always right! No ?… hum, we’ll see).


Ok… running away wasn’t enough apparently. The little girl decided to cross over a river with a slackline. Her mum should tell her it’s dangerous… Not very serious this mother! No wonder her daughter does stupid things !


What? The little girl is missing a hand? Oh yeah I know ! I did draw it but then I saw this enormous shadow towering over my desk and then, all of a sudden this big flying creature appeared from nowhere and ate the little girl’s hand with its sharp teeth… Oh… it was… horrible. You know what, I prefer not talk about it anymore… it’s just too painful.

All right, you got me… I didn’t draw it… sorry 😦


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