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Day 1

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Hello everyone,

Welcome on my new blog… well my first one to be honest!

I know, I know… another blog… ok, let me explain !

The other day, one of my daughters came to see me to have a chat. She wasn’t happy  with the sketch she had just done and wanted some advice to improve some aspects of her works… ( already a teen and still listening to her mum ! Well let’s face it, I’m just awsome… ok…ok, not the subject right now). So what was I saying… my daughter, yes. As a good mum, I told her that she should choose the subject which was bothering her and do a drawing each day focusing on it.

She likes the idea and told me I should  do the same with my own work ! Thank you sweetie for pointing out that my drawings need some improvement too… But, of course she was right. So I take my own advice and here I am ! The plan is to do one drawing per day. For my first challenge (my daughter  called it THE art challenge!) I’ve decided to try to add more mouvements in my drawings.

Here’s the little girl who’s going to support me on this task :


These are the other drawings I did the first day (of course I did 3 of them… it’s the FIRST day!)



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