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Day 17

Hi everyone,

Sorry I’m late for day 17 but… hum… I decided to play video games with the little girl and I lost track of time.I know, Iknow, I was weak… sorry.

About day 16, have you noticed there was something hiding under the sofa? Well, it was the subject of a disagreement here at home.

I think it’s a kind of shadowy monster like this one:


I know this species is completely armless and it was hidding because it was scared of the noise rather than trying to be scary. But my daughter (no, not the teenager, the other one… let’s call her …n°2…). So n°2 thinks that the thing hidding is a caton like this one :


As you can see It’s a half cat half dragon creature.

Well, it doesn’t look more dangerous than mine but is way more cute don’t you think?

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Day 16

Wake up little girl! Wake up! There is a giant potato just behind me, on the day 15 corner. Quick! We have to get out of here!



Are you playing video games?

Euh…your … pet is wearing a hair ribbon. Is it a girl? Wouah…

Hey I know that potato! Don’t laugh you out there (don’t forget bloggers, I have superpowers, I can hear you !). Well… il looked really bigger in the dark.

Oh! Potato, Potato, there’s… something trying to steal your popcorn!

But what am I saying? What’s wrong with me?

I’m cursed!

No, no, that’s impossible! I have my amulet against witchcraft just here and I drank two glasses of my special anti-evil potion this morning… I’m ok… I’m safe.

I know! It’s YOU little girl! You’re a magnet monster!

I’m doomed !


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Day 15

Well well… It’s just me then…

Maybe I could explore a bit this level while the little girl and the… you know… the… thing… are having a nap. What do you think? I could draw something completely random like… a cute mice (I love drawing mice :-)) or a kitten!

Let’s do that then 🙂 .



Oh my god! WHAT IS THAT?

Is that a giant potato… with hair… and a ridiculous hat… and 6 legs ?

What did I just say? 6 LEGS?




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Day 14

She fell asleep! Isn’t she cute?


Well I supposed we’ll explore this level later then… Don’t worry I’m gonna watch out for spiders, bugs and monsters of all sorts. The little girl is safe with me around!

I heard you laughing you know! For your information I can be very brave… when I decide to… I suppose…

Though if I don’t draw monsters maybe they don’t exist… hum, that’s an interesting thought…

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Day 13

Here you are! Look like you could use a hairbrush down there…


What? You want me to get down? Have you suddenly loose the ability to use your brain little girl?

It’s all dark there and I’m pretty sure the place is crawling with vicious creatures with lots of tiny legs and plenty of nasty-little-red eyes! NO WAY I’M COMING DOWN! I HATE EVERYTHING WITH MORE THAN 4 LEGS AND 2 EYES! I HATE THEM AS MUCH AS RABBITS AND NO I’M NOT ASHAMED!

I know, Iknow it’s not good for me to keep so much hatred in me… but you know, I’m working on it… it’s a slow process…

Ok, deep breath… again… and again… I feel better now :-).

So, what if I send you a torch? You could have a good look around and tell me if the place is safe. Isn’t that a good idea? I know, I ‘m a genius…

What do you mean little girl “I’m the adult one, I’m the one supposed to protect you”?

You’re kidding right?

Look at me ! Do I look like the hero type guy?

NO! Good answer.

Why don’t you ask your killer friend to help you? By the way, where is it hidding? Lurking somewhere in the shadows, probably  waiting for the right moment to jump on you and eat you alive! Well I’m sure it feels right at home down there with its fellow monsters…

Ok, ok, I’m coming…

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Day 12

Oh no !There is a crack in my sheet!


NO! NO! Come back little girl! You’re not Alice and it’s not a rabbit hole down there ! And you know why I’m sure about that? It’s because  I HATE drawing rabbits !

It’s you the…thing! You pushed her ! I knew it! You’re a serial eater AND a serial killer !

Why did you do it ? Why?


Oh my god! What is it doing now? Don’t jump ! I was joking… you not a monster… I mean yes you are… but you’re kind of cute… in your strange way…

Oh I didn’t say it! Ididn’t !

I did…


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Day 11

I have an idea! Let’s get the little girl busy so I could modify the… you know… the thing.

Hum… what do you think she’d like to do?

Read a book? No, too calm…

Play with dolls? No, too girly …

Well that’s more difficult  than I thought !


Hey little girl, I am boring you? And you, the… thing, I saw you behind the little girl ! Don’t think I’m stupid! Go away ! Shoo! You’re not supposed to be on the drawing anyway!

… so much love… it’s disturbing… too much…I’m off!


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Day 10

Hey little girl,

I got a bit carried away the other day and I’m really sorry about that. But I calmed down and I thought it through… So here’s my decision : YOU CAN’T KEEP IT !

And by “it”, I mean the fluffy- furry-sick-killer pet I got you (just to be clear…). It’s too dangerous and we don’t even know what species it belongs to.

Don’t look at me with those sad puppy eyes … I said NO.

What did you just say? You don’t care?

Hey, you’re 10 days old! You’re not supposed to act like a teenager before… before… NEVER!


Ok, ok… No need to get violent…

Ahem…Could I do some modifications at least? Little ones, you know… so your monster abomination, serial-killer… I mean your … pet… could look better ?


Please, please?

Still no?

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Day 9

What is that ? Oh my god, what have I done!


This is NOT a baby dinosaur… definitely not! It looks like a… furry bubble gum ? And why is it shaking?

I’m sure it’s because it’s sick… it gonna throw up everywhere on the page!  STEP BACK little girl, STEP BACK !!!!

But what are you doing? Are you crazy? It’s probably a serial-eater!

What do you think happened to the cute dinosaur who was inside the egg? IT ATE IT! IT’S A MONSTER ! Look at its eyes… it’s pure evil,  I can feel it from the other side of the screen.


Oh… I’d rather not look at it… yuk… they’re hugging now.


There is something wrong with this blog… I’m so disappointed… it was going so well…